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Rupture Disc Sizing

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KS B ISO 4126

KS B ISO 4126
Gas/steam at critical flow Notation For the homogenized wet steam of 90% or more dryness Notation
Gas/steam at subcritical flow Notation
Liquid Notation
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms
A0 Minimum required flow cross sectional area (mm²)
Qm Mass Flow rate (kg/h)
C Function for isentropic exponent k

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V0 Specific volume at practical release pressure and temperature (m³/kg)
P0 Release pressure (bar a)
α Release coefficient (In general, apply 0.62)
T0 Release temperature (K)
Z0 Compressibility coefficient at practical release pressure and temperature
(If there is no available data, Z0=0.1)
M Mol weight kg/kmol
x Dryness of wet steam
Kb Viscosity correction factor related to Reynold's number(Re) If the liquid viscosity is less than that of water at 20°C, kv=1.0
(Refer to Fig 1. Capacity correction factor for viscosity)
Kv Correction factor for reduction in the theoretical capacity as increase of the back pressure in subcritical flow
(Refer to table 2. Capacity correction factor for back pressure)
Re Reynold's number 공식
μ Viscosity of the liquid
P Differential pressure released through rupture disc (bar a)
Pb Back pressure (pressure at outlet) (psia)

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