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Emergency Relief Hatch

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Emergency Relief Hatch - KSRH Product

What is the Emergency Relief Hatch?

A device for release the internal pressure with opening the cover by rupturing of tension rod when overpressure reaches more than allowable operating pressure by increasing of internal pressure of vessel.
Unlike general emergency venting device, it sets the required pressure by tension rod, and because it uses sealing diaphragm, it has excellent sealing capacity compared with the existing weight type, oil seal type and spring type.
Also, in case of oil seal type it has somewhat lower reliability because its setting pressure is not uniform by the difference of oil viscosity depending on temperature.

Product Features
  • Excellent sealing capacity and any leakage is not permitted
  • Diaphragm is built in for sealing
  • Available on LNG ship and ground tank mainly
  • Tension Rod uses specially designed for high reliability for Setting Pressure
  • Possible to lower set pressure
  • Maintenance cost is low because it is possible to reset by replacing some parts after rupturing
Division Data
Design Rupture Rod & Seal Type
Connection Type Standard Flange
Size 18"~36"
Process Media Gas or Vapor

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