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Rupture Disc Sizing

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Dry saturated steam Notation note) For pressure up to 1500psig apply the above equation, and for dry saturated steam pressures over 1500psig and up to 3200psig, the value of WT, calculated by the above equation, shall be corrected by being multiplied by the following factor. Notation
Gas / Air Notation
Liquid Notation
Glossary of Terms
Glossary of Terms
WT Mass flow rate (lb/hr)
A Practical outlet area in opening rupture disc (in²)
P Whichever is greater in ‘(Set pressure × 1.10) + atmospheric pressure’ or ‘set pressure + 3psia +
atmospheric pressure’
Pd Back pressure(pressure at outlet) (psia)
M Mol weight
T Absolute temperature at valve inlet, °F + 460°F (R)
C Constant for gas or steam based on specific heat ratio

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K Release coefficient (design coefficient, in general apply 0.62 for rupture disc and practical measure × 0.9 in real measurement, but it shall be less than 0.875.)
Z Compressibility coefficient related to P and T (if there is no available data, Z=1.0)
W Specific weight of liquid under the condition for valve inlet (lb/ft³)

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