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Selection Model

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Step 1.

Check the pressure vessel and process operating specification (Process Data)

  • Material properties of the fluids used
    - Gas or Vapor : Mol weight, Specific heat ratio, Compressibility coefficient
    - Liquid : Specific gravity, Viscosity
  • State of the fluids used : Gas, Vapor, Steam, Liquid, etc.
  • Operating condition : Static, Pulsation(Oscillation), Cycle, etc.
  • MAWP(Maximum Allowable Working Pressure or Design Pressure) of pressure vessel
  • Maximum operating pressure and temperature
  • Required Capacity
  • Set pressure and set temperature of Rupture Disc for rupture
  • Back pressure and Vacuum pressure
  • Material (Holder/Disc/Accessory)
  • Connection(Flange/Fitting) specification
  • Installation type of Rupture Disc : Primary, Secondary, Combination, External Fire
  • Calculation of operating ratio : Operating ratio = Maximum operating pressure/Minimum rupture pressure x 100
    ※ Minimum rupture pressure = Set rupture pressure - Negative rupture tolerance
Step 2.

Model & Accessory (by FDC)

Step 3.

Calculation of size & rated flow capacity (by FDC)

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