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N2 Blanketing System

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What is the N2 Blanketing System?

Control device to maintain a constant pressure state by injecting N2 gas, that is, inert gas to upper room of the tank

  • Nitrogen Blanketing Valve - KSBKL Product (Low capacity) KSBKL (Low capacity)
  • Nitrogen Blanketing Valve - KSBKT Product (High capacity) KSBKT (High capacity)
  • Nitrogen Blanketing Valve - KSBKS Product (Ultra high capacity) KSBKS (Ultra high capacity)
Functions of N2 gas
  • It reduces evaporation loss of the products to minimize the formation of vapor in the tank
  • It removes explosive factors by controlling hazardous gas ingredients such as oxygen from vapor space in the tank
  • It prevents products from damage by infl ow of unnecessary moisture and air
  • It prevents explosion by controlling electrostatic spark
  • It promotes delivery rate of product by decreasing of discharging time of product
  • It prevents the modification of tank by controlling vacuum in the tank
Design Single Operating Type Pilot Operating Type
Connection Type Standard Flange or Screwed Piping
Size 1/2"~2" 1"~3" or 4"
Process Media Inert Gas
Flow Capacity (Rated Flow) [Measure : N㎥/h]
Flow Capacity (Rated Flow)
Model Inlet Pressure (Nitrogen)
1 barg 2 barg 3 barg 4 barg 5 barg 6 barg 7 barg
KSBKL 64.7 105.2 145.2 184.7 223.6 262 299.8
KSBKT 240.6 367.4 493.6 625.3 744.6 869.4 993.9
KSBKS 871.3 1316.9 1650.9 1891.8 2058 2168 2240.3

※ Although it is classified as small, large and ultra large according to capacity, there is no specific range for used materials.

Installation- Layout
Nitrogen Blanketing Valve - KSBKL, KSBKT, KSBKS Assembly

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