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KOSHA Obligation Safety Certification

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What is 'Obligation Safety Certification'?

Regarding of manufacture protection devices and protective equipments of hazardous machinery and instrument, it is the system that prevents from industrial accident to produce, distribute and use safe and reliable products by attaching the certification mark to products meet the requirements of safety certification criteria and selling

KC Mark Korea Obligation Safety Certification Mark

Scope of Obligation Safety Certification

Scope of Rupture Discs which are used to protect pressure vessels from overpressure or high vacuum by gas or steam
(However, it is excepted when used for release a pressure of liquid or the setting value of rupture pressure is below 0.1MPag)

Main contents and Requirements of Obligation Safety Certification

  • It shall be conduct a burst test under the same temperature as service condition
  • When you apply for certification, it is required a certification of the same type separately if it is different to specification submitted
  • It shall be certified, even if it is imported products

Relevant regulations

  • Occupation safety and health acts
  • Regulations for Occupation safety and health acts
  • Implementing Regulations in Occupation safety and health acts
  • Notification of Protection Device Obligation Safety Certification Criteria
  • Notification for declaration of Safety Certification and Autonomy Safety Confirmation

Performance Criteria of Products

Burst test
Burst test
Set Pressure below 0.3MPag 0.3MPag and over
Allowable range of rupture Pressure ±0.015MPag ±5%
Leak test
Leak test
Division Soak time
Nominal diameter of rupture disc(mm) 50 and below 1 min
above 50&100 and below 2 min
above 100 5 min

※ It shall be conducted a leak test under 90% of set pressure
※ In case of Flat/Slotted Type, it shall be conducted a leak test under 50% of set pressure

Classification and Notation of the KOSHA Certification Type

Division in accordance with structure
Division in accordance with structure
Rupture disc of dome type (C) Single plate type (O)
Composite type (C)
Carved type or cutout type (S)
Rupture disc of inverted dome type (R) Carved type or shearing type (S)
Self-knife type (K)
Rupture disc of flat type (F) Exchanger type graphite rupture disc (R)
Monoblock type graphite rupture disc (M)
Cutout type rupture disc (S)
Other type (X) Rupture discs produced depend on the manufacturers which are different than above
Division in accordance with nominal diameter
Division in accordance with nominal diameter
Division of nominal diameter I II III IV V
Range of nominal diameter(mm) 25 and below above 25 &
50 and below
above 50 &
80 and below
above 80 &
100 and below
above 100
Division in accordance with nominal pressure
Division in accordance with nominal pressure
Division of nominal pressure 1 2 5 10 21 22
Range of rupture pressure(MPag) 1 and below above 1 &
3 and below
above 3 &
5 and below
above 5 &
10 and below
above 10 &
21 and below
above 21
Notation of type
Notation of type

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