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Forward Type

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Pressure Safety Devices / Rupture Disc for Compressor - KSRCT Product
  • Forward Dome Tension Sloped Seat Type
  • It is used with installation on FDC standard holder
  • Structure that the Disc is ruptured by tension owing to the pressure, Sloped Type Disc Seat structure
  • It consists of Top disc, Support disc and Guide ring
Product Features
  • It is applied to high/ultra high pressure mainly
  • Highly safe and resistant to corrosion
  • Favorable for counterpressure and pulsation conditions
  • If any, Vacuum Support is available
  • Wide range of workable temperature
  • Long life of disc as there is small gap between working pressure and rupture pressure
  • Precise rupture performance and excellent reliability
Division Data
Standard ASME Code Sec.VIII, KS B ISO 4126, API RP520, KOSHA Code, FDC Standard
Size 1/2" ~ 40"
Set. Pressure 15 ~ 1500kg/㎠
Material C.S, SUS, Duplex, Nickel, Inconel, Monel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalium, Special Alloy, Aluminum
Fragment Yes
Process Media Gas, Vapor, Liquid
Max. Operating Ratio 70%
Spark Yes
Option Pressure Gauge, Burst Sensor, Excess Flow Valve, Alarm System, Long & Short Nipple,
Junction Box, Stud Bolt/Nut, PFA/PTFE Coating, Jack Screw, Tee, J-Hook, Plug,
Pressure Switch, Reducer

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