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Graphite Disc


KSRGM(mono block)

  • Made from a single piece of graphite which is impregnated with
    phenolic resin
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • Install directly between standard flange without holders
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Favourable for low and intermediate burst ratings
  • Counterboard side of the disc contacts the process media
  • In case of vacuum condition, vacuum supports are available for ratings below 25 psig
  • Insulated Units are supplied armored with required insulation and gaskets for service above 221℃ to 371℃
  • Armor is required for temperatures above 170℃
區分 內容
Standard ASME Code Sec.VIII, KS B ISO 4126, API RP520, KOSHA Code, FDC Standard
Size 1/2" ~ 24"
Set. Pressure 0.017 ~ 10 kg/㎠
Temperature -179 ~ 371 ℃
Material Graphite
Fragment Yes
Process Media Gas, Vapor, Liquid
Max. Operating Ratio 90%
Spark No
Option Flouropolymer sintered, Vacuum Support, Insulation, Armor, Gasket

※ Contact FDC for Set. Pressure details corresponding to each size.

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